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Same/Next Day delivery available for Ojai residents and visitors! Free shipping for orders over $75. Due to COVID-19, we are operating exclusively online and will reopen in a new location in 2021. Please enjoy free shipping on orders over $75.
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    Inclusive Sizing

    Styles to fit cup sizes A through H (and beyond). Who said you couldn't have your cake and eat it, too?

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    Ethical & Slow-Fashion

    Brands on a mission to elevate the status of women everywhere: From women who make the garments to women who wear them.

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    Comfy & Cute

    Ojai Lingerie specializes in comfortable, supportive styles of bralettes and loungewear. We're just offering the frame - you're already the masterpiece.

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    More than just pretty underwear.

    More than just pretty underwear.

    We believe that the things closest to your heart, mind, and body should receive the utmost consideration and care.

    We want women to feel empowered to shop consciously and feel beautiful just as they are. That's why we specialize in comfortable styles to fit a wide range of body types. We also partner with brands that are working to make the world a better place -- through environmental sustainability, promoting body positivity, and engaging in fair trade practices. 

    So, get comfy – You're gonna love it here. 


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