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Our Story

We believe that the things closest to your heart, mind, and body should receive the utmost consideration and care.

As a wife, mom, and Ventura County native, I saw there was an opportunity to offer a truly unique shopping experience that also embodied the essence of Ojai. Ojai Lingerie is a body-positive lingerie and loungewear boutique in beautiful downtown Ojai, California. Nestled in a small valley surrounded by hills and mountains, Ojai is often referred to as a sort of Shangri-La (a fictional destination from a novel which describes an isolated utopia). 

My greatest inspiration for this venture appeared when I became a mother. Born in the summer of 2016, my little one came charging into my life and nothing has ever been the same—in all the best ways. Becoming a mother has completely altered the way I see myself and my body. My belly is no longer flat and smooth, and I have never loved it more; I’ve learned to nourish it and appreciate its uniqueness. The stretch marks that adorn my belly remind me of the amazing feat my body endured. It is my ultimate goal to instill in my daughter a positive self-image in a world where perfection is constantly sought and never achieved.

It is with this same affection that I created Ojai Lingerie. We believe in elevating the status of women—from the women who make the garments, to the women who wear them. That’s why every garment in our shop is carefully selected to ensure fair compensation for garment workers and minimal impact on the earth. We not only want women to feel empowered to shop consciously but we want them to feel beautiful just as they are. That’s why specialize in comfy, gorgeous styles of underwire-free, supportive bras to fit cup sizes A to H.

We’re simply offering the frame. You’re already the masterpiece.

Malory Taylor
Photo by Stacey Millett of Willhouse